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Buffalohair, Earth Change Round-up

Earth Change Round-up

From all corners of the planet change is upon us. Prophecies are coming to pass on such a grand scale it is no longer a question of IF change will come but where these changes will fester next. From the physical plane to the spiritual one, all of humanity is under siege and like a prophetic ancient writing cautioned; “Those days will come like a thief in the night”. Hmm, do you hear someone rummaging through your underwear drawer?

Some people aware of this change are just terrified to pieces about the ground cracking open plunging them into the molten earth’s core. It does not take rocket science to realize it is not the end of the world but simply the end of a cycle. People should hold their milk and pay attention rather than freak out pee all over themselves. Ancestors from all cultures gave ample warning to their descendants about the times we live so it should be of no surprise. Dogmas and ideological principles far and wide described events and how to survive them for millennia’s. You would think after eons of common daily knowledge of the supernatural we would have a clue how to act in the 21st century. It is not the end of the world and humanity by any means. Did I say humanity? Humanity is just an inconvenient and archaic ideology with no place in our pseudo civil society. Is that to harsh?

Though some folks are addressing the physical aspects of change all too many people are not addressing the intangible facets of change. Call it the paranormal, supernatural or spiritual but this side of change is already counting coup on mankind no matter what you call it. Spirits from all dogmas both good and bad did not simply disappear whence we entered this modern technological age; they are major players as we speak. With little or no regard for the paranormal earthlings are going off the deep end in all quarters of this primitive society, influenced by voices in their pointed little heads. Whether voices come from bonehead space dudes, spirit entities or the guidance from a shiny orb named Dan they like to pull your chain and press those buttons. “Peel the skin off that herp second shift supervisor, you can do it”. I think that’s against the law. I’d tell the voice to get screwed and do it himself if he was such a ‘Barney Bad Ass’. Just don’t let anyone see you chatting away, all alone in a vacant parking lot or something. It will be The Lithium Lane Rubber Room for you. Telepathy is the ticket. And don’t wave your arms around in the air either, gads.

Those pesky little voices urge folks to kill their families, friends and anyone else, just because you can. Guess they tell you to do other rotten stuff to do with people who just piss you the right the f— off! But that’s all that comes to mind, hmm. Take another Prozac pop another miracle pill and it will all go away but eventually the voices do return with a vengeance. Spirits from evil are the culprits in most cases where voices are involved. There is no real concern for spirits or their influence so we think these evil thoughts are our own. Well, maybe not all of them anyway. People consider the concept of spirits poppycock and are prime targets for naughty spirits who coerce them to do just about anything. We all deal with all these chatty goons everyday but not to extremes, for the most part but that statistic is changing.

How can anyone proclaim they believe the doctrines of their dogma if they do not accept the fact spirits exist? Surely they read tales about spirits and their influences on man. Where would Moses be if he did not speak to a good spirit, Egypt? You can’t have it both ways homeboy/girl. Either you realize spirits exist within your dogma and tradition or you walk in oblivion and are like a babe in the woods in the grand scheme of things. You can be born again, meditate or sacrifice a goat on a bitchen altar a dude from the Islands made you. But you will be wasting your time if it’s not real. That part is up to you mon. Just remember; your fate is in your hands alone. No pressure here.

You must walk your talk not just ramble scriptures or sacred texts to wow your friend and impress Rabbi Schwartzmann. The only person you are fooling is yourself and bad spirits will be cheering you on all the way to your destruction. At least you’ll have a fan club. Just think, If you commit a juicy act of butchery that makes the front page of The New York Times you’ll have your 15 minutes of fame so I guess it all works out. If there is a transit strike, forget about it because you’ll be lucky if you make a sidebar on the back page. Timing is everything, err does that apply here? But I doubt you’ll get a reality show out of the deal. You would have to be on after Jimmy Fallon anyway. I’ll go off the deep end if networks screw wth the late night line up again. Then again you might find a home in commercial advertising endorsing GMO Franken-Food, Zyklon B. or Agent Orange garden supplies on one of those spam TV channels no one watches unless you forgot to pay the cable.

How many more blood spattered news stories where a person hacks their kids to pieces or other egregious crimes must be committed before we realize spirits are actually to blame? Good religious people with no criminal or psychosis issues are cracking up and coming loose at the seams because voices drove them over the edge. Spiritually unprepared people from all walks of life are going bananas and this is only the beginning. Take a long hard look at the world. It should be as plain as the nose on your face we are spinning out of control mentally and morally. And yes, this is part of prophecy and a major sign of the times we live. Oh well, ‘when you snooze you loose’ and society is asleep at the wheel or simply chooses to ignore the obvious. How far beyond stupid is that?

Like it or not people from all walks of life and education levels are putty in the hands of spirits who declared war on humanity. Sounds far fetched? Well if you actually paid attention to your respective dogma you would know the spirit world is alive and well and this assault on humanity is a part of religious teachings and prophecy. Though we face turbulent times on a physical level it is the spiritual level that will ultimately strike a fatal blow to the unaware no matter how much survival gear they posses. You don’t have to be a native, psychic or visionary to see and hear spirit. Ask the guy who just ate someone’s liver because a voice in his pea brain thought it would be a wonderful culinary adventure. I would hope onions came with that order, that’s if you like liver of course. The spirit world is interfacing on this plain of existence with a vengeance these days. Granted, spirits have been around since time immemorial. Now modern man is blind as a bat to this part of our reality and with fatal consequences. If people practiced what they preached none of this would be an issue since all dogmas warn of evil spirits, or did you miss that part. Umm, I think it’s on page one.

I don’t really worry about tornados, earthquakes or meteor smashing into the earth as much as the consequences from the spirit world. “Who is going to crack up next?” is more my concern. What if a butcher decides to cut costs and uses wino meat or something? “Why does my pork chop smell like cheap Chianti?” Random acts of insanity and violence are on the rise and not from small time crooks and professional bad guys like we conveniently choose to believe. They work for cash not for shear pleasure or impulse. It’s strictly business, nothing personal paisan, capice? An airline pilot lost his mind in-flight and fortunately he did not plunge the jet into a nosedive before he went bonkers. A nurse whacked a mom and took her new born child? The list continues to grow as mindless mayhem spreads throughout a sickened society. Who in a position of trust will be next to loose their mind? They are the prime targets of evil spirits if they don’t have a handle on the spirit world. Many people are already walking a fine line and admit they are loosing their grip on sanity. Expect anything and you will still be surprised.

Gads, flight attendants are loosing their sanity all the time these days and it’s only a matter of time before this phenomena gleans fatal results. The point being, it’s not just the average schmoe who is privy to evil entities but people from all quarters of society and some like it and like it a lot. Awareness of the spirit world by everyone is not in the best interests of some exclusive elitists groups who horde this truth in a veil of secrecy. If everyone embraced a relationship with the spirit world they would know good spirits from bad and truth from lies. There are no secrets within the confines of the spirit world and man’s indiscretions are known to all, like farting in an elevator with only one other person onboard.  

If you paid attention to your sacred texts you would be aware we entered the era of false prophet and we are getting primed for that revelation. I will probably be eating fry-bread and watching early SG-1 reruns with my brother when that day comes but I might tune in during commercials, indeed. My advice to you is; don’t get stupid if some spaz-ship lands in your medical marijuana garden proclaiming they are your G*D because that is just pure bat guano. Screw those so called benevolent space dudes who act like they are ‘all that’. The same goes with spirits rummaging around in your thick skull talking smack. Don’t let your fear influence you to pay homage to some entity that floats through your garage door or gives free colonoscopies either. I don’t know about you but my G*D does not need an iron Frisbee to buzz around the universe and his chums don’t play grab ass either.

But if you truly had a spiritual connection you would already know the score and this would be yesterdays news in todays cat box.. There are good entities that are poised to expose these charlatans of deception and give you a hand if you are listening. It’s written within the pages of your dogma or what ever floats your spiritual canoe. Just so you know, there is a happy ending but it will be a while since we only began the downward spiral. The trick to survival lays within your personal spiritual connection. One more thing, no matter how you believe you MUST have absolute faith in the doctrine you purport to embrace. It’s not the end of the world but the beginning of a new cycle. The long and the short of it is; if you have a true spiritual relationship within your dogma no voice will convince you to do something stupid, especially during this time of change. Maybe if you pay more attention to your sacred books you just might survive.  

Your Devil’s Advocate

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