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Buffalohair, Funny How Russia, China and The Media Hates Rick Perry.

Funny How Russia, China and The Media Hates Rick Perry.

Don’t know if you noticed but everyone who is not on America’s side hates Rick Perry. The Russians and the Chinese have stepped up their anti Perry rhetoric in tandem with the US media. Both the left and right within America’s political chicanery have launched a major anti Perry campaign of silence and ridicule like they did with Ron Paul. After all, Perry did threaten to pull Texas out of the US in the face of Obama-nonsense. Also, Ricks stewardship helped Texas weather this ongoing economic disaster far better than many other states in the union. What have we learned from the last election? Talk is cheap and charisma does not replace experience and a resume’ of successes. Newt and Mitt are both losers with loser track records and would only assure an Obama or even a Joe the Plumber win for that matter….lol

The noble Ron Paul was swept into the whizz-bang fringe corner along with anyone else who used the Constitution as part of their platform for a point of reference. Fortunately he has come back out swinging to the chagrin of Newt and Romney. Corporate Oligarchists along with their Russian and Chinese counterparts saturated the US media with treasonously vial jabs and assaults on Americanism on many levels. The media has singlehandedly painted a disdainable portrait of what American patriotism means and looks like. More than not, veterans and citizens are demeaned and depicted as people on the fringes of society for displaying this nation’s colors. Ultimately the politically unsightly flag is ordered removed in an atmosphere likened to the era of Hitler’s Brown Shirts and we don’t bat an eye. How far beyond stupid is that?

Tear down a Texas flag in Texas and see where that gets you. When you enter the state there is a sign that reads, “Don’t Mess with Texas”. Say what you want about Texas, but not in front of a Texan. And it don’t matter what part of the planet you are on either, someone is gong to get their ass kicked for dishonoring the beloved Lone Star State. Texans are proud of their rich multicultural heritage and you can feel that energy when you meet a Texan. We could learn a few things about patriotism.

Why can’t American’s be as proud of being American like Texans are proud of being Texan? Putin, Medvedev, the Chinese Combo Platter and corporate media would have a royal cow if that ever happened. A Perry presidency would stimulate American growth with proven methodology successfully used in Texas and possibly a rebirth of some national pride. A Ron Paul presidency would offer a similar agenda, there is no question. That would be a real hot All American ticket “Perry & Paul”. Now that would throw a monkey wrench into the globalization/colonization works to have this duo in the White House. Hmm, small wonder they don’t have the media’s eye. To bad since it would be cool to have a sign that reads, “Don’t Mess with the U.S.” at the port of entry. I would not have to worry about being harassed for flying the flag either.

Gingrich should have been tossed in jail for the millions he received from all his shady dealings with Freddie, Fannie and the housing scammers. Then there is *Romney whose staff spent over $100,000 burying his dismal track record from public scrutiny. The Barack Obama Presidency has become “The Never-Ending Train Wreck” earning him the title; “Prevaricator Extraordinaire” with his campaign rhetoric and ultimately campaign lies since he stabbed everyone in the back who voted for him, including me. He might get another Nobel Peace Prize for Lying though. Sadly he is turning the blade in the backs of the public he has betrayed as we speak, with a smile. The three corporate shills, Newt, Barack and Mitt are the obvious media darlings and our enemies love this fetid selection.

Can you trust polls and surveys? Not a chance, since many polls are funded by the very corporations who are buying this presidency. If you paid attention you would already realize polls usually have conveniently good numbers when a controversial bill or legislation is about to be passed or a politician needs a boost in popularity. At least polling numbers are a better distraction than bombing aspirin factories in Africa. One thing you can say about Newt, Barack and Mitt, they know how to spin a yarn and work the crowd with a disarming smile while robbing you blind. Charismatic speeches don’t make a president, a resume’ with a track record of accomplishments does and that’s what people should be looking at when choosing the President of the United States of America.

As for the other candidates, I like Rick Perry and Ron Paul catches my interest since they are pro America and have successful track records of public service and achievements, with nothing to hide. Granted Perry has a few issues I don’t agree with but don’t they all? Michele Bachmann is a nice lady and means well, but… The other potential candidates don’t interest me either way but maybe in the future they will and we still have plenty of time before votes are cast. But the three stooges, Newt, Barack and Mitt are well documented for their failures, deceptions, inconsistencies and do not deserve to be in the White House. Newt should be in prison and the other two bozos should be in therapy. They don’t even belong in the valet parking garage. OK, OK, OK, what about the Donald, Hillary or Sarah? No, No and No! Just plain no, and I reserve comment while biting a hole in my tongue. To bad Russell Means is not running. That would be bitchen.

In the long run it probably will not matter much who gets the top job in the country since corporate corruption is so rampant worldwide. But I’ll still run down to the ballot box and make my choice provided my voting center is still around, earth changes you know. At the rate this country and the earth are decomposing this may very well be the last election. But I still think it’s odd that Russia, China and the mainstream media vehemently sided against Rick Perry of all candidates. What an endorsement to be hated by Russia, China and the corporate media though. We should already know by now that what’s good for Russia and China is absolutely bad for the US since nothing has really changed since the fall of the Soviet Union other than the US being infiltrated by spies and deep cover agents from our enemies. Socialist Eurocrates did not care much for the US either when it comes down to it. It’s that democracy and freedom of speech thing that pisses them off. To bad the mainstream media has chosen to side with those against the American people.

Bottom line; if the earth is still in any shape for an election I will do my homework and make the best selection possible in my eyes when I enter the ballot box. Voting is one of the few rights where we still have a voice and if we don’t use it we will loose it. One thing is for sure, I will not take any candidate for his/her word since talk is cheap and I learned my lesson last election, no thanks to Barry Sotoro or whatever his name is these days. Rather, I will go with track record and achievement’s like an employer does with job applicants. After all, government is supposed to work for us.


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