Thursday, September 1, 2011

Russell /Pearl Means Speaks Out (part 1- 2) w/ Editor Hadassah Broscova Carpe Articulum Magazine

Russell Means [Black Elk ?]

Speaks Out (part 1) w/ Editor

Hadassah Broscova Carpe

Articulum Magazine

 Russell Means part 2 HAS

CANCER w/ Carpe Articulum

Magazine Aug 2011

Uploaded by on Aug 29, 2011

A powerful interview covering his life’s work, world views, and dying of cancer… a deep introspective and intimate journey through what makes Russell Means tick. He is a powerful, pivotal figure and one of the only international spokespersons championing the plight of the Native American Indian and other indigenous tribes worldwide. To lose him would be a devastating blow as he has given his life to raising awareness and fighting for the rights of oppressed persons everywhere, calling specific attention to over 155 years of broken treaties with the Native American Peoples. To help with his cancer treatments, please donate via His beautiful wife Pearl Means is a pillar of strength in these difficult times. This is a rare privilege to see her speaking openly. We hope this is not the last interview he is able to give. They have given him three months to live. May all health return to him soon…

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